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Pop Displays Use a Combination of Counter Display and Register Topper

by Suze Lewis on October 12, 2010

aila and her popsicle
POP Displays Image by splash<3 via Flickr

For a convenience store, POP displays which can include a Counter Display or a Register Topper can be coordinated to focus on products that you’d like to sell. You might want to feature certain products because they are profitable, or because you are overstocked, or even because the sell-by date is getting close. Another reason to want to draw a product to your customer’s attention is because the item is a new product for your venue and you’d like to introduce it to your customers.

A convenience store, by definition, has a million different items, all different sizes and shapes, edible or tool worthy. When a retail outlet has hundreds of items available to the customer, how can you make sure to sell the items you’d like to turn over? Regular signage can be expensive and need installation that makes it impractical for fast changes, but POP displays can be combined to make a powerhouse presentation rapidly and inexpensively. For instance, three different counter displays can be coordinated in the cash register area: a small box or counter display of candy or gum, a Little Show-Off counter display with a photo image of a new product, and a register topper on top of the cash register to remind the customer of the need for a doughnut with coffee, or a popsicle on a hot day, or a hot-dog for a fast, cheap lunch.

This 1-2-3 punch at the cash register will bring in those extra dollars that can mean a big difference in sales at the end of the month. This combination approach to POP displays also appeals to each customer on different levels. Why try to sell the same exact product to every customer? Give them a 1 in 3 chance to find a product they like.

If your graphic images are appealing enough, your customers will be entertained if they need to wait for a few minutes for you to help them. The graphics for these signs can be printed inexpensively and changed rapidly at the drop of a hat. If the sunny afternoon turns stormy, take that popsicle ad out and insert a super duper umbrella ad to replace it. When you run low on hot dogs, advertise the nachos without breaking a sweat. This is the most effective way to manage the ebb and flow of products through your crowded convenience store location.

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