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Pump Topper

Gas Pump Toppers let you take advantage of an optimum opportunity in gas station signs by capturing a customer’s attention at the pump. Promote sales with this effective, eye-catching sign loaded with your custom graphics. The Pump Topper offers easy to change graphics, horizontal or vertical mounting and is highly durable and weather resistant. Best of all, it works! Use the Pump Topper to promote food or snack items, service specials, special sales, or impulse buy items. The Pump Topper is a flexible gas pump sign, with large 12″ X 20″ graphic size, double-sided, easy to mount graphics, and either horizontal or vertical mounting.

Graphics drop in through a slot in the top


Attaches to the pump with aggressive foam tape

Technical Specs

  • Patented design is injection molded with attractive round curves
  • Black plastic frame is tough, durable and will not rust.
  • Frame size 21.5″ x 14″
  • Insert Size 20″ x 12″ x .030" (x2 - each side)

Best of all…It Works! GAS PUMP TOPPERS

Call SignX at 888-522-0110 to speak to with us about  Pump Toppers for your gas station today. We sell gas station signs, fuel pump toppers and almost any other gas pump sign at wholesale prices