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The Hose Talker - Catch your customer's attention while they fuel their vehicle.


Hose Talkers are becoming popular gas station signs for gas pump advertising. Gas Stations and Mini-Marts already use this powerful medium to bring customers into the store for impulse items like coffee and donuts. This type of advertising signage helps gas station owners to capture the customer’s attention as they pump gas into their vehicle. Advertising “in-store” specials right at the pump is a win-win situation. Since the Hose Talker is mounted right on the gas hose, customers can always see your signage. The Hose Talker has easy to change graphics, so you can change the message easily and often, bringing a fresh look to the pump regularly.

Advertising signage like the Hose Talker increases revenue by increasing impulse buying in the store. The Hose Talker encourages the credit card gasoline buyer to make the walk into the store for some specialty item – food, drinks or even cigarettes. SignX provides advertising signage which you can mount right on your pump thus enabling you to communicate your “in-store specials” as well as sell gasoline.

 According to a recent article in NACS online - "The right customer experience is an essential component of the perfect pit stop—especially at the pumps.

Nearly 40 million Americans fill up their vehicles every day, and there’s tremendous opportunity to bring these consumers into the store where they can purchase higher-margin products. But according to  a recent NACS survey only 48% reported going into the store the last time they purchased fuel". 



What makes the SignX Hose-Talker Unique?

  • Our new design allows for branding with your logo and is available in multiple colors!
  • Easy to install in just seconds.
  • Helps to promote in-store specials.
  • Heavy-duty plastic construction.
  • Top slot allows for quick and easy graphic changes without detaching from the hose.
  • Top slot allows for oversized graphics to extend above the frame.
  • Accepts your 4.3"x 6.25"(or taller) x .030" graphics.
  • Made in the USA!

Call SignX at 888-522-0110 for more information on gas pump advertising, gas station signs and advertising signage for business.

Slot design allows for oversized, bonus section to extend above the frame.

New design allows for branding with your logo or message.

Now available in 7 stock colors!

Graphic piece inserts easily through the slot at the top.

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